Smallworks BrickCase: The Unofficial Lego Brick iPhone 4 Case Adding Rough Grip To Your iPhone

Adding grip to your iPhone 4 is a necessity if you tend to slip away your phone from your hand, and I believe no one would love to damage their phone because of their own slippery hands. That’s why there are bunch of solution to provide a better grip by installing a special silicone case to iPhone 4. However, if you think that a mere silicone case is not yet your solution, you can try this extra ‘rugged’ with the roughness of a lego brick to add more grip to your iPhone 4!


This is the Smallworks BrickCase, which I considered as the unofficial Lego Brick for iPhone 4, where you can actually use it to build your own lego arts above the case.

Check out at Amazon if you are interested to get one. It’s $19.99 a pop and there are three versions that you can choose.

[via Red Ferret, NerdApproved]

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