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Satarii Star iPhone Camera Dock With Rotating Base And Motion Tracking

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Cool guys at a company called ‘Satarii‘ has designed a cool accessory for iPhone (or practically any smartphones available today). They’ve called it “Satarii Star Dock”, which is a docking station that has a smart features to track your whereabouts by using a remote ‘marker’ as the target.


It certainly interesting for a hands-free self video recording. What you have to do is to put your smartphone into the provided slot, hold the marker or clip it to your shirt and the Satarii Star Dock will start following your position.

The company is currently trying to raise enough money to put this Satarii Star Dock into the mass production, and when there are enough demand from the market, they’ll put this Satarii Star Dock to the stores. The maker of Satarii Star dock has raised about 50 percent of fund, so they are about half way to realize their production dream.

You can find the details of this project by heading into IndieGoGo. I’ll get one if it’s available today.

[via Engadget]
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