Sony VAIO S Laptop: Customizable Version Is Now Available


One of the top rated Sony VAIO S laptop has been made available for customization by Sony to let their consumer choose what they need instead of buying the whole unit off the rack. Sony VAIO S laptop is customizable up to up to a Ci5-580M processor, up to 256GB SSD, include up to 8GB RAM.

There is also an option to let you add Blu-ray Disc writable drive, choose Operation System and what NVIDIA GeForce GPU that you want to use. If you decided to go lower end with Intel GPU, you will get a bonus WiDi compatibility feature which let you easily stream content to HDTV from your PC.

The starting price of Sony VAIO S laptop is $874.99. Prepare to have a deep pockets if you are demanding for a strong machine.

[via SonyStyle]

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