Valkee Earbuds Cure Seasonal Depression By Shining Lights Through Your Ears

Valkee earbuds are made to combat the SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder using a new method of getting lights into the brain. By using traditional method, doctor will use a bright light shining through the eye to relieve the depression. However, recent research done by Valkee proved that the body part that really needs the light is not the eye, is the brain that wants it badly.


That is why Valkee recent health product to combat SAD is an equipment looks like earbuds where those bearing SAD can plug these earbuds to their ears and the earbuds will shine a bring light from the tips directly to their brain to relieve the depression.

It’s been tested and about 9 out of 10 patients achieving total relief after 8 to 12 minutes of usage each day. To get one of this Valkee earbuds, you have to buy them directly from Valkee for EUR185.

[via GadgetLab]

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