Sony Toylet: New Urinal Game To Combat Sega’s Version

No idea if this market if lucrative or not, but seeing Sony heading to the competition with their own Urinal game attachment for toilet, I’m sure there are some gold to harvest in there.


Sony introduced us to their Toylet, a new game machine that will calculate the velocity and volume of the urine blasts to the target and translate it into a data that could activate a certain animation and getting score in the screen above the toilet.

According Gizmodiva, this technology is currently in action in metro stations, and might soon starting to penetrate to other public places if it proved to be popular in some way. What’s interesting is that you can bring your USB flash drive to store your top score every time you piss on Sony Toylet.

Just don’t get overboard with this game as it might not good for health.

[via GadgetLite]

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