Samsung Unveils Hauzen The Smart Air Conditioner


Being a leader in display market is not enough for Samsung to settle up with their desires. Recently, the company has launched their new Hauzen Smart Air Conditioner that is pretty revolutionary by offering smart experience to users where the Air con is not functional to chill up the room, it’s also an all-in-one air purifier, humidifier and dehumidifier!

This Hauzen Smart Air Conditioner is about as tall as an Asian girls for the tower model, while the mounted model is similar to any existing air-con in the market.



Beside its all-in-one features, Samsung Hauzen also support S-Plasma Ion mode that could remove germs, including the dangerous H1N1 viruses that may invade your area. What’s more is that Samsung allow users to control this Hauzen Smart Air Conditioner using their smartphone via some kind of special apps. Sadly, there is no further details on this matter yet, as well as the pricing is yet to be revealed.

UPDATE: We have got the video at Youtube. You can watch it below. Well, we hope you do understand Korean :)

Yuna Kim is damn sweet! 😀

[AkihabaraNews via TechFresh, Flickr Stream]

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