The Amazon Kindle Evolution Figures


If you are interested to see how well Kindle selling in the market since its first launch in 2007 with the first generation of Kindle, Kindle Homepage blog has posted the evolution figures proved that Kindle is slowly becoming popular with more revision and new edition released.

Kindle sales during the past three years and projections:

  • Launch of Kindle: November 19, 2007
  • 100,000 Kindles sold: March 2008
  • 750,000 Kindles sold: October 2008
  • 1 million Kindles sold: March 2009 (with the launch of Kindle 2)
  • 3 million Kindles Sold: December 2009
  • 4 million Kindles Sold: July 2010
  • 6 million Kindles sold: August 2010 (launch of Kindle 3)
  • 8.5 million Kindles sold: 12 December 2010
  • 11 million Kindles sold: 24 December 2010
  • 12 million Kindles sold: January 2011
  • 22 million Kindles sold: December 2011 (projected)
  • 35 million Kindles Sold: December 2012 (projected)

Over the last 3 years, Amazon has sold over 12 million of Kindle and about 15 million Kindle ebooks sold with over 10 million paid books purchased. Jeff has made quite a big bucks there and the company has predicted that Amazon could sell over 35 million of Kindles by the end of 2012.

But I’m doubt if they can make it or not, especially when mirasol tablet/ebook reader will start to invade the market on this year. Will readers still choose the monochrome ebook reader over the color version if both device have the same battery performance and features?

[via JournalDuGeek]

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