Veebeam: Wireless HD Streaming From PC To HDTV

Veebeam is a new streaming device that can stream your PC contents wirelessly to your big screen TV via wireless dongle. Veebeam will make everything easy in term of stream content and you can enjoy the highest 1080p streaming quality directly on your HDTV.


Although there are a lot of similar solution found in the market these days for wireless streaming, Veebeam claims to offer the best option (no bottleneck effect) with up to 150MB/s wireless connection between the wireless receiver and USB antenna.


The only requirement that looks pretty high is that your PC or laptop should be loaded with high performance Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel i3/i5/i7 processor so it can properly stream the 1080p video over the wireless connection. However, Veebeam also coming in a SD edition with 480i quality streaming in case your PC system is not as strong as it need.

Price wise, the Veebeam SD edition will cost $99 while the Veebeam HD 1080p will cost $139 a pop.

[Via Giz Mag]

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  • David A

    you have this wrong – this product does not use WiFi, it uses Wireless USB

    • Hey there. Thanks for your correction! We have corrected the title and content :)

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