3D Solar Cells Will Be The NextGen Solar Technology

Flat style solar panel doesn’t capture well the sunlight and about 30% of them is reflected. Also, due to the the low efficiency and high cost of installation, not all level of consumer can enjoy this technology yet.


However, a company called Solar3D Inc has come up with a brilliant idea with their 3D solar cells. The 3D Solar cell is not something that you need a 3D glasses to view the cells. 3D Solar cell is a revolutionary design that enhance the flat surface of the solar panel into a 3D space where it could trap sunlight even better and increase the efficiency level by lowering the change of incident sunlight reflection.


Once the sunlight is going into the 3D solar panels, the micro-photovoltaic structures will trap the lights, bouncing photons numerous of times until they’ve been fully converted into electrons.
Also, with the 3D solar panel, there should be some cut of the installation cost where future eco-dwellers can enjoy it no matter on what level of annual earning they have.

[via UberGizmo]

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