Nintendo 3DS: Potential To Cause Dizziness And Eye Fatigue

Although 3D technology has been out for awhile, not everyone in the market is comfortable to this technology yet. The recent 3D gadget Nintendo 3DS that will soon shipping is reported to have a health effects when not used properly. Especially on the eyes part, Nintendo has properly warn gamers about the risk of 3D gaming, but not everyone will listen to the warning though.


Japanese magazine has interviewed a group of folks who’ve tested the 3DS for a moment, and the result is stating that some of them reported to have eye fatigue and dizziness when gaming and tend turn it off to eliminate the discomfort. Now we also understand that almost 12% people in the world can’t see 3D because of some genetic problem, but dizziness and eye fatique is a different story.

Nintendo might be facing a strong problem for their 3D technology with such a discomfortability and those who can’t view 3D effect at all. They have to make sure that their game is also enjoyable even the 3D is turned off completely and not entirely relying on the 3D features for the fun factor.

[via Kotaku]

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