OptiMax-II iPhone Video Projector: 110-inch Screen Projector

In case the HD camcorder with built-in projector is not for you, then you can have a look at this OptiMax-II iPhone Video Projector if you have an iPhone by your companion.


This iPhone Video Projector provides an awesome functionality to ‘zoom’ your iPhone content from it’s small screen to your wall at 110-inch large (diagonally) at the range of 20-inch up to 18 feet away.

This is the device that projects videos from an iPhone. The LED-illuminated projection system provides 557 x 234 resolution with its 4:3 native aspect ratio, projecting videos on a screen or wall up to 110″ diagonally from as close as 20″ up to 18′ away.

Playing audio through an integrated sound system, its two 3-watt titanium drivers integrate with the on-board dual 7-watt amplifiers to produce crisp, robust sound. It can also display videos at 16:9 aspect ratio–the same used by high definition televisions.

The 15-watt LED has a 30,000-hour lifespan and provides a brilliant 800 lumens for clear, bright pictures and videos. Manual focus. Plugs into AC with included adapter. Includes remote. Supports iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4 and 1st and 2nd Gen iPod touch.


This iPhone Video Projector is available for $299.95 at Hammacher. Not available anymore.

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  • Haven’t gotten it to work since I bought it. I thought this would be a great way to share videos and pictures over the holiday so I ordered it but we’d never been able to get it to work. One person finally got the video to display but we still couldn’t get sound. The connection takes over the sound from the idevice but we checked the settings on the device and made sure that volume was up, we checked pushed the volume button up on the projector as well. We get loud static and popping that I suppose indicates that it’s up to full volume. We’ve since tried it a few more times with ipad (with adapter cable), iphone, and ipod touch and none of them will put up a display and when we try moving the dial on the front where it projects from the screen size doesn’t change. Very disappointed in this especially for what it costs.

    • Hi Jude,

      I’m sorry to hear that and thanks for your valuable feedback. If you purchased it from Amazon or through the link above (from Hammacher), you can ask for a replacement or even return the projector for money back. I believe you’ve got a defected unit. Hammacher has the lifetime warranty to keep you in peace, so if it’s not functional properly, you can always claim for a new unit.

      Hope it helps!

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