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BlueLounge StudioDesk XL: Larger Storage Compartment With Wider Workspace

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BlueLounge has introduced their StudioDesk for some time, but due to the demand of a larger size of the desk, Bluelounge has released their StudioDesk XL version.


StudioDesk is a revolutionary desk with built-in storage compartment to hide away all of the ugly looking cable, adapter and device that you wish it never appear on the desk when not in-use. With the StudioDesk XL, user will be able to store a lot more and have a bigger workspace to work with. Just like the regular version, it has the timeless retro design featuring solid mahagony legs, and white laminated desktop surfaces for durability.

A wider and longer take on Bluelounge’s award-winning StudioDesk, the StudioDesk XL provides a larger workspace free of the clutter associated with power strips, AC adapters, USB hubs, and external hard drives, along with the many accompanying cables — all of which fit conveniently in the secret storage compartment under the sliding desktop surface.

Cables run via an elongated slot across the top, keeping clutter to a minimum. A removable faux leather mat covering the sliding top is included. This desk is durable with white laminate along workspaces and solid mahogany legs and details provide long-lasting use and style. The new, larger dimensions are as follows: 59″ (W) x 27.5″ (D) x 29.5″ (H).

The BlueLounge StudioDesk XL is available directly at BlueLounge store for $799.95. The StudioDesk XL will be shipped in a flat one box. You’ll have to DIY attaching the mahagony legs before you can use it.

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