CHOBi CAM ONE: Super Tiny DSLR Camera

Those who love to collect functional tiny gadgets will fall in love at the first sight with this super tiny DSLR camera called CHOBi CAM ONE camera.


This thumb-size DSLR camera is fully functional for taking photograph. Although it have a lot of limitations, but it did not failed the job as the ‘very basic’ DSLR camera for taking pictures. Made by Japan Trust Technology, this CHOBi CAM ONE digital camera is capable of snap photos at 1600 x 1200 resolution, and it can record VGA video at 30fps. CHOBi CAM ONE supports up to 32GB of microSDHC card, and it has a replaceable lens to increase its viewing angle.



However, you can’t expect this tiny little guy to have the usual LCD display at the rear side. No live view built-in but to cover this hole, the company is said to provide an external LCD screen to view the recording result. It’s amazing, but unfortunately we have no pricing for this little baby yet and no idea when it will be available.

[AkihabaraNews via Winarco]

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