Knokkers – The Name of the Fusion between Billiards and Bowling Game

Steve Wienecke, a former semi-pro football player and cage fighter has created a new game called “Knokkers” as the result of the mashup between Billiards and Bowling Sport game. Not mean to be funny, this Knokkers is really insane type of game where you will need extra arm swings power (when compared to bowling) to knock away the group of ‘huge’ billiard balls.


Although it looks like a billiards game, you don’t need any stick to push about. You are the cue in this Knokkers game and you’ll have to have an extreme power and ability if you want to try a trick shot. I’m not sure if player could make a jump shot or not, but it seems you can just throw it like a basketball.
It looks pretty cool, but one warning is that since you are inside the arena, you’ll probably get hit by the ball(s) if you stroke it way to hard. :)

[Ohgizmo via UberReview]

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