LaCie Galet: A Silver Stone USB Flash Drive

Jabra has their Stone Bluetooth, LaCie has their Stone-shape USB flash drive called Galet. Galet is designed by Christofle, which is a popular brand in France.


What we have come to know is that LaCie asked Christofle, who have 150-year silvering experiences to design this Galet from scratch. That’s mean Galet is a luxurious stuff that you are buying not because you want the capacity of the flash drive. You are buying LaCie Galet either you are fans of Christofle works, or you want to have something remarkable as your collection.



The 4GB version of Galet alone is going to cost you $130, so don’t ask me how much the 64GB version will cost you. It’s either non-existence or it’s just too expensive that you won’t ask for the second time…

[LaCie via TheGadgeteer, Crunchgear, Winarco, TechFresh]

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