Old School Red Pencil Stylus Takes You Back To Your School Seat


It’s been a while. School live is the best thing I ever had and all of the tools and stationary will bring back my sweet memories when I spotted one.

This Old School Red Pencil has pretty much done the job. It reminds me of the old days where I was scolded by teacher because I’ve forgotten to brought a pencil for my drawing class. Well, however, this red pencil is not that drawing pencil that I’ve mentioned just now. It’s a modern stylus with classical twist using that old school red pencil shape.

The eraser at the other end of this Red Pencil stylus is a fake one. Don’t expect you can erase your files or text with this buddy. It will works on any iOS powered devices, Android phones or anything else that has a touchscreen display (e.g. tablet, netbook, monitor, etc.).

Well, if you are interested, this pencil stylus is only $9.99 and you can get it at Thinkgeek.

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