Paul Frank Julius Goes out Of the Cage for A Yoga Session [Dance Machine iPod Dock]


The strongest impression of Julius, one of the sacred friend of Paul Frank is on the T-Shirt designs and iPhone case designs. I’ve some of them and I like it very much. But recently, the Monkey has jumped out from that ‘circle’ into the whole new world where you can see Julius’ face on a iPod Dock now.

Paul Frank Julius Dance Machine iPod dock, a new gadget made by SpeakerCraft which has well-known of their quality audio and speaker technology has started to invade the US retail stores national-wide. I guess we don’t have to be like Snake vs Monkey in MGS to hunt them down, but this stuff looks pretty cool for kids’ room. It will cost $99.95 to buy this Julius iPod dock.

[via SlipperyBrick]

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