Thermometer SpyCam With Motion And Sound Activation

If you expect thermometer to be just a thermometer in this era, that means the world is not developing at all since the last decade. No, a thermometer can be more than just a thermometer right now because Brando has designed a special SpyCam with thermometer as the mask to cover away the camera.


Even better, this thermometer SpyCam is come complete with Motion and Sound activation function, where it will be activated if there is a loud sound or something moving onto its sensor.

This so called Motion-and-Sound Activated Spy Camera can record video in 640 x 480 pixel setting, it has its own built-in Li-ion battery, 4GB memory, and you can hook it up to your PC with Windows OS (support Win 2000, XP, Vista and Win 7). For extra bonus, there is also a hygrometer at the lower part of the thermometer.


For $59, this Motion-and-Sound Activated Thermometer with Spy Camera is yours.

[via Winarco, 7Gadgets]

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