Toothbrush Case With UV Light

Don’t ever think that your toothbrush is clean even if you’ve run it through the water after brushing your teeth. Some of the bacteria or germs will move from our teeth to the brush and stay intact even if you have wash it with water.


But luckily, the clever guys at Japan Trust technology have released a new toothbrush case that come with built-in UV light to kill germs and bacteria. The toothbrush case is a simple plastic case that can store any toothbrush from the common one to the battery powered one. To keep the brush clean from bacteria, all you have to do is store the toothbrush inside the case and close the lit.


The UV Toothbrush case will then power up the UV light for 8 minutes to clean the brush and then you can use it again in the next morning. UB Toothbrush case can be both powered by battery or via USB cable. It’s available in blue, pink and white for 1,980 Yen or about $23.85. Let’s hope GeekStuff4U will import this.


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