White Diamonds iPhone 4 Cases With Swarovski Elements And Artist Illustration

WD or White Diamond is relatively a new accessory maker in the market but they’ve got a great range of artistic cases made for iPhone 4 and iPad.


One of the coolest version in their collection is Nafrotiti iPhone 4 and its iPad Crystal Case series, which was designed by an artist named Vince Fraser.

The cases are encrusted with the beautiful Swarovski elements along with the artist’s illustration on the backplate. It looks very cool and luxurious… as well as untouchable for those who live in a strict budget. :)

Sadly, there is no actual pricing posted on their website yet. If it’s affordable, people who love beautiful art might just want to order one right now!

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  • White Diamond Nafrotiti Designer case for iPhone will be USD$39.95, and for iPad it will be USD$59.95! Coming soon to USA, find it/contact us on http://www.AnAppleOnlineStore.com.

    We are currently preparing to launch this wonderful Brand WHITE DIAMOND in the USA.
    Please be seated, you will love what you are going to see!

    1/29/2011 Vivian

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