DiscGear Selector 100 – Organizing Blu-ray Discs Made Easy


Blu-ray disc is just like any other retro media disc (CDs, VCDs, DVDs) that you have in your home. It will get messy if you don’t arrange them properly. But no more worry if you are willing to fork out a little sum of money to solve this matter. Just for $47, you can get this DiscGear Selector 100 which will help you arrange and select disc in a snap.

DiscGear Selector 100 has up to 100 compartments for storing 100 discs (any disc, from CD to Blu-ray). It has a patented one-touch disc retrieval system that will ease your way of search for your collection, as well as an index slider to let you know which discs you are looking for.

This brilliantly elegant CD archive features a slide-away index to help you quickly browse up to 100 titles, with a patented one-touch disc retrieval system to find the one you want in a flash. Just scan the index for the number that matches your chosen CD, move the slider to that number on the unit and, with a press of a button, pop the top. Your CD will be presented to you like magic!

If you are interested, you can get it now at FireBox for $48 or £29.99.

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