Nintendo Has Given More Details On Their 3DS Handheld Console


Although it’s been set for per-order on some retailers like Amazon and BestBuy, the full details of what’s Nintendo 3DS is capable of or what’s the features that will come along is still a mystery. However, folks at Wired has obtained a little bit more details for this new gaming device that will launch on March 27th, 2011.

During the interview with Nintendo, Wired guys has dug three important information for us:

  • The 3DS has been confirmed to be region locked, with no way of unlocking it (bar illegally hacking the device)
  • Games that have been downloaded can be transferred to other 3DS devices – but only for a limited number of times (if at all)
  • 3D movies will be coming to the device (but more details will be announced closer to the launch)

It seems the rumor about the stronger anti-piracy protection turned out to be true. However, I believe nothing would stop hackers from exploiting new gadgets, even the strongest anti-hacker Sony Playstation 3 has been hacked and exploited like mad now. :)

But the important point is about the 3D movies. Nintendo 3DS might become the future most interesting portable 3D movie player.

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