i-Con: The Bed With iPad Dock And Sound System

A bed with sounds system and docking station (for iPhone, iPad or mobile phone) might sounds cool, but on the health viewpoint it’s kind of stuff that you should avoid in your bedroom. However, by disregarding this matter, guys from Hollandia has created a nice blend of their new bed with 2 Apple iPad docks and 4 built-in speakers together with a 250-watt amplifier.


i-Con is practically made for those who have a unique tastes of lifestyle, where they actually have to pay $20,000 to get one and they are absolutely addicted to music even when sleeping. There is no info of how this i-Con bed will works, however, since it have 2 iPad docks and speaker system, we suspect it would be able to play different music on each side of the speakers. But the downside is that you’ll get a mixed music playback and sleeping would be a hard task when laying on this bed.

[via OhGizmo]

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