Tegra 3: Quad Core CPS With 3x GPU Boost

Tegra 2 alone is quite a masterpiece of NVIDIA from mobile device, but it seems the company has already developed a greater thing that we can enjoy later in the Fall 2011! Guess what, Tegra 3 is coming and we’ll be seeing a mobile devices (tablet, smartphones or netbook) to sports quad Cortex A9 processor and up to 3 times faster on graphical performance!


As you can see in the image above, the support for Blu-ray video and high resolution is already there. If it’s used on Android system, I guess Tegra 3 will be ready from either HoneyComb or the next gen Android Ice Cream OS that will be launch later in this year.

This Tegra 3 is really a huge leap if in mobile technology, although there is no much details right now, we are sure the upcoming Mobile World Congress will be a great ‘party’ to attend, and you can actually expect to see the Tegra 3 in action there!


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