Digital Storm Enix Gaming Desktop With 4.7GHz CPU


Digital Storm has launched their Enix gaming desktop PC that uses Intel’s Sandy Bridget chipset. What’s cool on this Digital Storm Enix is on the processor. The system is coming with a rather ‘wild’ setting where the Intel Core i7 2600K CPU has been factory overclocked to 4.7GHz by default!

Let’s hope it won’t cook itself due to the high standard. No idea we can push the performance up again, but at 4.7GHz the system should be running blazing fast!

Forget about that demon for a sec, other specs that you can enjoy are also included the big 8GB DDR3 RAM with certified performance series, 750W PSU, 1TB HDD, GeForce GTX 580 (ultimate edition only) and more.

It sounds good, but you have to pay $2,160 + additional accessories (if any) if you plan to get it. However, you can always choose to get the basic rig that start at $1,132 only. It will comes with Intel Core i3 2100 CPU, 4GB DDR3 and NVIDIA GT 220 GPU that pretty much done the job.

[via DigitalStorm]

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