KAWS’ Signature Light Bulbs


These KAWS’ signature light bulbs are definitely a cool bulb that you can’t find it elsewhere other than on The Standard Hotel retail shops. Crafted by Brian Donnelly, this artist has changed the look of the casual lightbulb into an ‘XX’ mark which known as the KAWS‘ signature.

“Just changing a small thing, like a filament, can turn a light bulb from a standard everyday thing to something you want to look at,” “You’re raised not to stare at light bulbs, but this is the opposite of that.” said KAWS to the New York Times.




Even it’s made with XX mark, the creator said that it’s work with the circle shape as well. Through the cooperation with the Standard Hotel, Brian Donnelly has produced these signature light bulbs in limited edition. There are only 1,000 sets made available, with each set come in three bulbs, red, purple and green color.

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