Innovative Eyeball Camera Developed By Researchers At The University Of Illinois

We have seen one of the eye-like lens prototype in the past, but this new eyeball camera developed by researchers at the University of Illinois is obviously better.


Unlike any other camera lens that you may have seen up to date, this eyeball camera lens is featuring human eye-like zooming capability with added SLR lens and zoom lens ability using clever hydraulic system.

“The tiny camera combines the best of both the human eye and an expensive single-lens reflex (SLR) camera with a zoom lens. It has the simple lens of the human eye, allowing the device to be small, and the zoom capability of the SLR camera without the bulk and weight of a complex lens. The key is that both the simple lens and photodetectors are on flexible substrates, and a hydraulic system can change the shape of the substrates appropriately, enabling a variable zoom.”

[via GearLog]

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