Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP) Is Going To Cost $299 to $349

Sony NGP, the so called Next-Gen Portable gaming handheld which is as strong as the PS3 specs and about as fast as a super phone is rumored to cost between $299 to $349 per-unit. Though I sincerely hope it could cost $299, but if it’s taking the specification in talk, that price mark is just insane. Unless Sony want to repeat the same marketing plan to loss dollars per unit sold like PS3 (for years!), the price mark should be corrected. Device powered by quad core Cortex A9 CPU, quad core PowerVR SGX543MP4+ GPU and any other amazing features like the dual touchscreen interfaces are enough to float the pricing to $500 or above.


However, if Sony’s intention is to beat Nintendo 3DS, I guess they’ve no other choices but to get it cheaper than ever. The only thing to worry is about the ‘Quality’ of the device. I’ve never doubt about Sony’s product as I’ve owned handy of them, so let’s hope it not just like the quality of cloned device that you can find it on the mainland.

[via GadgetVenue]

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