Sony PS3 Rootkit Has Been Included In 2006 T&Cs


Who would have thought that Sony has prepared of the hacks since 2006? I bet most of us haven’t heard of it as we generally skipped those lengthy Terms and Conditions agreement when creating a PSN account. It’s clearly written on the agreement that Sony has to right/ability to do remote updates as soon as we fire up the PS3 machine with online connection activation. No matter it’s logged on to the PSN account or not, as long as it goes online, Sony can detect anything they want and install any ‘stuff’ to prevent hacking.

This news might sounds like an unnecessary report for legal PS3 owners, but it might be a huge problem for the PS3 jailbreakers, or those who use custom firmware to get access to PSN account. Their account might get banned immediately.

[via Register]

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