BlueLounge Nest iPad Stand

BlueLounge has introduced a new versatile gadget that could be used as both storage compartment or iPad stand. The name is “BlueLounge Nest iPad Stand”, but you can also call it as a BlueLounge Nest Storage if you don’t have an iPad. :)


BlueLounge iPad Stand is a simple box that allow you to place your iPad in both portrait and landscape mode on the retractable slot, while you can also place it lay down on the tilt surface that has been angled to your best viewpoint. Either iPad is in place or not, the mini compartment in the box could be used to store keys, flash drives, mini gadgets, Swiss knives, or anything else.

This BlueLounge Nest iPad stand is currently available in a range of colors including: Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink and it’s been priced for $15 a pop. If you are interested you can buy it directly from the BlueLounge website.

[via GadgetLab]

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