Circboard Keyboard: Typing With Xbox 360 Controller Made Easy

If you have been long searching for a better ways to type text with your Xbox 360 controller, this Circboard keyboard application might be the one that you’ve been looking for.


With Circboard, you don’t have to scroll through each alphabet anymore. The program has locked a certain position of the analog to a group of alphabets (including punctuation marks) where you can get to each alphabet as easy as locating the position and press the buttons on the right side accordingly.

Circboard uses your left joystick and 4 buttons to type in any word, accessing each individual character at the same, even speed! For those who want the full fluidity of their typing, right joystick offers the same character selection as the buttons through directional flick. Up for the top letter, right for the right one, etc. Space and Backspace are achieved via the bumper buttons.

Watch the following movie for more details:

[via Botchweed]

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