One Liter Limited Concept Faucet

Creative team of designers from South Korea have come up with a clever design called One Litter Limited Concept Faucet to save water on the public toilet or washroom.


The One Liter Limited Concept Faucet has a bent transparent tube-like container to store 1 liter that will be used up for each user. I guess the current motion sensor faucet has pretty much done the job to save water in public toilet, but this One Liter Limited concept faucet might just have a new value added. Beside it’s saving water per-user, it’s also nice to see and good for toilet decoration.

It would be better if they can add some kind of waterproof LED light into the faucet turning the entire bent tube into a water light show with soothing effect. Overall, this One Liter Limited Concept Faucet is a nice work of design where it could be useful for developer to offer better and unique public toilet.


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