Samsung Outs ES80 And PL20 Compact Cameras

Instead of cramping out another LED TV or Tablet PC, Samsung has put their attention to the camera market for awhile. They’ve just launched two new compact cameras codenamed as ES80 and PL20, designed exclusively for the budget limited buyer to enjoy quality digital camera.


Samsung ES80 has the lower specs than PL20. ES80 compact camera has 12-megapixel CCD sensor, image stabilization, 5x optical zoom, and any other still image capturing features. Sadly, you won’t be able to do your video recording using this Samsung ES80 model.

Well, if you don’t mind paying $20 more, you can opt for the PL20 series. Samsung PL20 can record HD video in 720p format, and it’s also coming with a better 14-megapixel CCD sensor.

Both Samsung PL20 and Samsung ES80 has been priced for $119.99 (available in March) and $99.99 (available in April).

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