Scythe Mine 2 CPU Cooler – Supports 3 Cooling Fans


The latest CPU cooler from Scythe is called Mine 2 with two heatsinks cramping one big fan in the middle. This Scythe Mine 2 CPU cooler is capable of accepting up to 3 fans at once, where it could be mounted on the both side of the heatsinks for extra cooling effects.

Scythe Mine 2 CPU cooler is compatible on both Intel and AMD processors. For Intel, Scythe Mine 2 CPU Cooler supporting Socket T / LGA775, Socket LGA1155, Socket LGA1156 and Socket LGA1366. As for AMD CPU, It supports AMD Sockets AM2, AM2+, and AM3.

You will also get a fan controller to speed up or lower down the fan speed depending on your needs. No pricing yet and the availability is yet to known.

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