MSI N580GTX HydroGen Graphic Card Comes With Silent Cooling Technology

Graphic card cooling device is certainly improving along with the graphic card. When the manufacturer has managed to stuffed so many cores and processors into a single graphic card, the heat is also rising rapidly. But thanks to the improved version of the cooler, things are now running cooler than ever. Even the silent type of cooling system is as excellent as the fan-version. The latest MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 (N580GTX HydroGen) graphic card is using this kind of silent cooling system to keep the beast running cool.


The silent cooling system is using MSi’s HydroGen all copper waterblock to gives a faster water flow to cool down the core. It’s capable of turning down the temperature by up to 24-degree Celcius compared to any other silent cooling system that ever popped out in the market.

MSI also has included dedicated software called Afterburner to let you tweak and overclock the hidden potential of this card. It looks like this MSI N580GTX is indeed a nice GPU for your gaming needs. Unfortunately, MSI haven’t released the pricing for this GPU yet.

[via Techiser]

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