HP TouchPad vs Motorola Xoom vs Apple iPad: Who’s The Winner?

Thanks to PCWorld, they’ve provided a great comparison chart for HP TouchPad, Motorola Xoom and Apple iPad.

Have look below for the details of the comparison, which clearly showing iPad is not in the class anymore:


HP TouchPad is going to launch on this Summer, while Motorola Xoom is due on next month. Apple iPad is clearly on the disadvantage side because it’s last year’s technology. Many of iPad’s features and specifications are lacking here and there, such as the processor power that is still single-cored, low RAM capacity, no gyroscope and so on. Perhaps it’s unfair to make Apple iPad into the competition for now. They should have wait for the iPad 2 released before they can make a fair judgment of whose company has the best cutting edge tablet device for the market.

[PC World]

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