Monopoly Live Game With Central Computer – No More Cheating, Guys!

cheating with the classic paper monopoly game is very easy. You can just call make the rules yourself and be the next millionaire in the next second if you want to, but you won’t be able to taste the same experience with this next-gen Monopoly Live Game.


It has a Central Computer that will make sure you’ll get the fairest game and cheating the game will be difficult. It’s just like a watch tower because the Central Computer is 10-inch height, placed in the middle of the game to keep an eye of the game process.

Guess what, there are no more paper notes for (steal)exchange this time. All of the money is now virtual and will be reloaded to your personal ‘bankcard’. Supposedly there are card readers that you can use to refill the fund.

Not only the Central Computer will watch for your steps, it also do the dice rolls, counts the rents and the system knows where is the player’s position.

I’m sure cheaters won’t buy this. :) This new Monopoly Live Game will arrived in this Fall season for $50 only. I want one.


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