dB Logic Earphones Cares About Your EarDrums

While lots of earphones out there doesn’t care about your eardrums, either branded or not, dB Logic cares about your eardrums. If you’ve got friends that loves to hear music using earphones, you might have found that they are tuning the sounds extremely loud. That is actually very bad for the eardrums and they’re actually moving onto the road of destructing their own ears.


dB Logic, in this matter is acting differently. While it’s true that turning the volume loud and clear increased the excitement, the fact is saying that loud music that tuned directly from your ear holes can damage the drums at the same time when used in a long time. dB Logic’s own version of earphone, which is known as the EP-100 has come with an unique technology called SPL2. This SPL2 technology will automatically adjust the volume to an acceptable range while the listener doesn’t notice any chances at all and the sounds quality doesn’t distorted when adjustment happened.

dB Logic Earphones is a reasonable investment for audiophiles that loves to stuff their earbuds all day long in their ear holes, and I believe $30 wouldn’t be a price to make you bankrupt. This dB Logic EP-100 earphones are now available in several colors directly on dB Logic website.

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