Ember: The Extension Cord With Built-In Study Lamp And USB Ports


Invented by Judi Sigler, Ember is a revolutionary power strip that comes with a built-in LED flash light that you can use it for your reading lamp. Ember even featuring three USB ports that you can elevate them to charge your USB gadgets like cell phones, PMP, DAP, MID or tablet devices. To the left of the USB ports, you can find two dedicated power outlet for your laptop or any electronic devices.




Even better, Ember has been equipped with 7-feet length cable that has been wrap up and clip into one compact unit for easy storage and transport. As for the LED light, it’s a 2-foot long cable with flexible neck that you can position it to your liking for reading.
This Ember is currently on sale directly at Quirky for $25.95 a pop, and there are 159 out of 1500 units has been sold to those who loves Judi’s idea.

[via Quirky]

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