Mirage Media Server Will Put All Of Your Music Files Online For Direct Access


Autonomic Controls Inc. has just announced Mirage Media Server, a cloud-based media server that will put all of your music files from your PC, laptop, Mac, or network attached storage (NAS) online so you can download your music wherever you go. That’s certainly amazing and users with unlimited 3G/4G mobile plan can enjoy their music library wherever they go.

Mirage Media Server (MMS-2) also comes with two independent audio ports and video output for displaying metadata and slideshow on High definition TV. More great stuff is that you can control this Mirage Media Server MMS-2 with your iPad or iPhone. All you have to do is to download the app on Apple iTunes App Store for $49.99 (iPad) or $19.99. For the device itself, you should fork out a big sums of money to own it. Mirage Media Server is costing at $19,995 when you purchase it from the authorized dealers. Kind of pricey if you are not a 6-figures earner.

[Autonomic Controls]

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