Orbo Watch Series – Simplicity Of Digital Watch


Zach Weiss has come up with a nice watch design called Orbo. There are three of them, separated into Temp, Date, and Stop. All of Zach’s watch designs are unique and they have their own personal taste and usefulness.

Let’s take the Orbo Temp for example. This watch design is similar to the suggested name. It has a TEMPerature reporting together with the digital time. What’s unique is how Zach Weiss presented the overall time reading experience. It’s pretty revolutionary as there is no actual clock tick for reading time. Instead, it’s using an orb like digital display to show you what you need to know.

Notice the black circle on the 11am display. It should be showing you the minutes, while I’m sure the digital display will rotate as the orbs moving. The second one is Orbo Date, which clearly showing you the actual date in short in addition to the time.


The last one is pretty different. Orbo Stop is a Chronograph that featuring a cluster of secondary displays. It have one big orb accompanied by three small digital orb to show you the statuses.


Overall, Zach Weiss has done a great job with these designs. I’d love to have one of this strapped on my wrist if it’s been manufactured.

[Zach Weiss via YankoDesign]

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