Cisco Digi-Piggy Digital Piggybank

cisco-digi-piggy-digital-piggybankI’m not sure if our source has the wrong idea or not, apparently Cisco, the network specialist is launching a new gadget called Digi-Piggy for saving money with auto US coins detection.

There is certainly a big question mark here on why Cisco is launching something that looks funny. But they’ve done it anyway. The little piggy bank has its half body made in transparent where you can see the coins, and the other top half dress in white (also in pink), and the snout has the digital display to show you how much you’ve saved.

This Digi-Piggy Digital Piggybank is going to ship in the Q3 of 2011. If you want one as soon as it’s been shipped, you can pre-order it now for $14.95 at DigiPiggy.

[Source: Geeky Gadgets and Coolest Gadgets]

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