Powertrekk Fuel Cell Charger For USB Gadgets


Powertrekk is a new outdoor gadget charger that uses fuel cell technology combined with the usual battery pack in one. The fuel cell technology will uses water as the medium to generate power, and both of the fuel cell and battery pack can work together providing power source to re-juice any USB gadgets that you have.

The shape of Powertrekk fuel cell charger is pretty like a contact lens storage, but it’s way bigger. Inside the green cap (also available in orange or yellow), you will find two compartments for the battery pack and the hydrogen fuel cell with opening to pour water in.



According to the source, Powertrekk’s battery pack can be charge and used alone, or you can also use the hydrogen fuel cell to charge the battery when there is no power outlet or you are on-the-go.

Watch the following video for more details:

Powertrekk is certainly a great USB gadget charger for outdoor dwellers. Sadly, we have no pricing information for this Powertrekk Hydrogen Fuel Cell charger yet. I hope it wouldn’t cost much to own one.

[via Technabob]

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