VTech InnoPad: Educational Tablet For Kiddos

VTech has announced the a special tablet for kids called InnoPad. They’ve already has an e-reader aimed for kids, so it’s natural for them to create another version of educational gadget using today’s cutting edge technology and trends.


The InnoPad is aiming on the market of kids from 4 to 9 years old. The tablet is fully containing educational contents, such as interactive and animated ebooks, educational games, and more. InnoPad also allow kids to listen to their favorite superheroes MP3 songs with its built-in MP3 players, and they can also watch movie with a built-in video player, too!

It sure looks like a nice tablet for kids. They can download many other content (ebooks, games) and over 100 titles of videos avaiable for download by the end of this 2011.

VTech InnoPad is coming with 5-inch touchscreen LCD, which is enough to display readable text size for kids. Other features also includes tilt-sensors for game control, SD card slot for expansion, USB port for recharging or connecting to PC, headphone jack, as well as a rugged compact tablet design for extra protection.

VTech InnoPad education tablet is going to cost $79.99 only when it has become available in this Fall season.

[via VTech]

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