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Air Swimmer Helium Filled Balloon Fish R/C Toys

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Helicopter R/C toys that can blast to the sky flying freely like birds, or R/C car that can crawl in the ceiling might not something that can impress you anymore. However, how about a Nemo fish that could swim in the air like it was in the water?! Now, that pretty cool isn’t it? Yes, that’s the new Air Swimmer remote control toy that I know your kids want one as soon as they see it.

Air Swimmer is a fish shaped R/C, where in the video below you can see the Finding Nemo-style Clown fish and a blue shark swimming freely like they was in water.

They are battery powered, but it can be used up to 4 hours before they need another recharge. The stuff that allow them to float around is the helium gas. The helium itself is capable of staying inside the balloon for two weeks at most and you will have to refilled them again. It’s better if you can equip yourself a tube of helium gas before buying this toy for you kids.

Air Swimmer Helium balloon fish remote control toy is going to be available in July for $40 only.

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