Epson ES1000 Portable Projector Screen Provides 50-inch Display For Your Mobile Presentation

With so many pico projector solution available nowadays, there isn’t any portable projector screen available to accompany the pico projection. People end up using some where wide like the wall or ceiling to project their presentation, which tend to give a lot worse result and unsuccessful interpretation.


Epson spotted this problem, so they’ve developed a new portable projector screen that provides 50-inch image size for your presentation. That is more than enough to picture out your idea on a vivid display. The portable projector screen has been called as ES1000, It’s about 34.5-inch long when unfolded and about 6.5 pounds in weight only.

Time saving is really important and Epson know what you need. This Epson ES1000 projector screen can be set up in just 30 seconds to eliminate any disturbed feeling when trying to make a ‘shoot’ to a new client that seems to neglecting your appearance. Impress them with the technology and your manificent presentation and you shall get your business running!

This Epson Projector screen ES1000 has been priced for $129.99 per unit. You can find more of its detail at Epson.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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