Rumor: iPhone 5 Is Going To Be Cheaper Than iPhone 4


New York Times has reported that Apple iPhone 5 is going to be produced under a reasonable pricing and it might be set at the lower pricing ground than iPhone 4. Though there is no detail of what exactly the next iPhone generation looks like, but It has raise a small flag for me that Apple is going to use something cheaper on the materials but let’s hope it’s not something cheap from China.

NYT also reported that the next-gen iPhone 5 might have lower memory and a low-grade camera could be included in their offering. While this might sounds interesting for budget crunchers, it might pretty a disappointment for those who aimed to get a better ‘next-gen’ iPhone on their hands. What they need is not a ‘cheaper’ offering, but something that will make them ‘wow!’ even more than the current iPhone 4. :)

[NYT via GG]

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