Brainiac Rubik’s Cube – Solve Puzzle Using The Gross Brain Patterns

I wonder what will the world champion in solving rubik’s cube say when he is presented with this ‘gross’ looking brain pattern rubik’s cube puzzle box. I guess he might either saying “It’s challenging!” or “Oh, it’s disguising!” :)


Apparently, this new rubik’s cube design by Jason Freeny is not only losing its color, it’s also adding a brain pattern to the surface to challenge you to solve the puzzle using the patterns.

Now, if the puzzle is done in front of you, you might have the chance to memorize the pattern of movement and solve it accordingly (if you have a nice memory, of course). However, if it’s done without your notice, you’ll have hard time to solve it since there is no color to make a guide for.

[via LikeCool]

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