Eco-Friendly NoteSlate To Replace Paper Notebook

We have been using paper notebook for ages now and it’s kind of sad when we have to think how many trees have been sent to their creator in order to create a dozen of paper notebook. But luckily, we can free ourselves from this burden and living a better eco-friendly life by getting this latest NoteSlate tablet, which intended to be a digital version Paper Notebook that require no paper in its operation.


NoteSlate tablet has 13-inch big display with either black or white display to mimic paper or blackboard. This 13-inch display has supported up to 760 x 1080p resolution, using a technology that is similar to E-ink that display only in 1-bit mono-color style.


According to what the source has said, NoteSlate tablet can be used for writing, drawing or even use it as a handy and convenient ebook reader.
NoteSlate tablet is running Linux-based OS instead of some renown OS like Windows 7 or Android HoneyComb. But I’m sure it’s pretty cool for artist or designer who love to do their sketch and scribe on a piece of blank paper. With this NoteSlate tablet, they don’t have to throw away lots of paper to finalize their design anymore!



As for the features, NoteSlate tablet has included one mini USB port, SD card reader, 3.5mm audio jack, WiFi connectivity, 180 hours long life battery with solar panel, weighs in 240g only and it has come with a dedicated stylus pen.

The best of all, Noteslate is going to cost you $99 only to own one.

[More details: NoteSlate] via [UberGizmo]

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