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Sega Announces Wappy Dog, The Robot Dog That Works On Nintendo DS

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Common robot dog that you can find at Toy’R'Us store might not a match for this new Sega’s Wappy Dog. Wappy Dog is an new robot dog that not only can recognize its own name and growing from puppy to adult dog, it also capable of hooking up with Nintendo DS for more fun factors.


Sega Wappy dog will be shipped together with the dedicated Nintendo DS game that let user transfer the dog (virtually) into their NDS console so they can play games with the robot dog.


Depend on the games and conditions, Wappy dog will show you its reaction when you lose or win in the game. Well, it sounds interesting especially when you are bored.

Sadly, there is no pricing detail yet for this cutey Sega Wappy Dog. However, you can expect to see Wappy Dog in stores this Fall season.

[ChipChick via NewLaunches]
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